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Heeren Makelaars


Heeren Makelaars stands out because of its energetic and personal approach. Personal, because we listen carefully to what clients want when buying or selling houses and apartments. Having done this, we then sit down with you to establish how to find the ideal house for you, based on what works best for you. Heeren Makelaars is very aware that you will probably only buy or sell a property several times in your life and that these are likely to be the biggest transactions you ever make. We do everything in our power to make sure you get the property of your dreams.

Amsterdam real estate agents since 2004

Armed with a decade of experience at real estate firms like C. Hoen, Peter Bruin and Jones Lang Lasalle, Sander Bovenkerk and Eran Hausel opened their own real estate firm in Amsterdam in December 2004. Heeren Makelaars’ enthusiasm and energy is largely due to the drive of its owners. It’s one of the reasons why Heeren Makelaars has been able to achieve high sales volumes and become one of Amsterdam’s bigger real estate firms.

A thorough knowledge of the housing market

At Heeren Makelaars we have had our eyes and ears wide open for more than 19 years now: we live and breathe Amsterdam’s houses and office buildings, which is a definite advantage when negotiating on properties for clients. We know why two houses located just 10 metres apart are worth very different amounts. We know if a selling agent is withholding any information, and we know if a property benefits from natural daylight and when it really gets the sun. We also have a second-to-none knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market which we use to help clients achieve the very best property deals. Our property agents are well-trained and regularly attend seminars about mortgages, leasehold properties, buildings and architecture and the legal aspects of property sales and purchases.

It’s all in the name

The double ‘EE’ is a nod to Amsterdam’s past, presented in a modern, clean font. The firm’s name has a young, fresh, dynamic and reliable feel, which reflects the approach adopted by the team here at Heeren Makelaars. Our name was inspired by the Heeren XVII, the central board of directors for the Dutch East India company (VOC). At some point, two of these directors sold a house for hard currency, with one of the other directors acting as an intermediary. Legend has it that this was the first agent-negotiated transaction ever. When launching Heeren Makelaars, the founders expressed the following ambition: “If they were the first, we will be the last.”