Real estate sales and purchases

Real estate sales

Are you looking for a firm that can help you sell a property safely, responsibly and free of any hassle? If so, look no further. Our clients place their business with us because of our clear and systematic approach, based on personal coaching and attention. We guide you through the selling process step-by-step, starting with an inventory of your property and ending with the transfer of ownership.
We are there to assist you at every stage.

What we do for you?

Promotion campaign

To achieve a successful sale, we advise you to start the promotion campaign as soon as possible. This ensures that your property attracts the biggest possible group of potential buyers, who we can approach when the sales process starts.


At this stage, we issue a mailing in which we notify our colleagues at the NVM and MVA that the sales process has started, so that they are able to communicate this to their clients. Although the NVM and MVA receive this information when your property is registered on the NVM intranet, the mailing may raise awareness of your property even more. We have a database of ‘property seekers’ at our disposal; we inform them of the possibility to make an appointment to view your property via a mailing too.


To provide you with the very best service possible, our firm is a selected partner of Baerz & Co. Your property is marketed by our firm and also by a group of top, affiliated Dutch real estate firms.
Besides pooling resources with Baerz & Co., we use advanced, ongoing online campaigns on channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and many selected (online) magazines that target your specific target group. For example, Stijlvol Wonen, Eigen Huis & Interieur, Nu zakelijk, Pure Luxe, FD and Elsevier.


Our firm is also a selected partner of Luxury Real Estate, Rightmove UK, Luxury Estate and JamesEdition. This pooling of resources with other high-end firms enables us to benefit from a strong international network that has an advanced online marketing strategy. So, by choosing us, you automatically profit from the services of all of the other real estate firms that are part of the world’s most extensive luxury home network. This network involves 16 different languages and consists of more than 3,800 real estate firms in 132 countries.

Properties for sale are announced and/or listed:

– via the NVM multiple listing system

– via the MVA multiple listing system

– on Funda

– on the Heeren Makelaars website

– via an invitation issued to prospective viewers in our database

– on for-sale signs

– on social media

– via the multiple listing system

– via the window display at Stadionweg 75



– Baerz & Co (national)

– Luxury Real Estate (international)

– Rightmove (UK)

– Luxury Estate

– JamesEdition


We use the following presentation material during the sales process:

– Property photography (12-25 photographs)

– Dimensions measured in accordance with NEN 2580

– Floor plans (2D and 3D)

– 360° photography

– Property video

– Teaser for use in social media

– Luxury Heeren Makelaars brochure



– Premium video + real estate agent

– TeaserPremium + teaser

– Changes to measurement report

– Drone footage

– Matterport 3D virtual tour

– Styling

We find that we get the best results when we prepare the above in consultation with you.


The next step in the process:

Depending on how quickly properties are selling, we decide which promotion is necessary at this stage. Google Analytics enables us to identify which promotional activities generated website traffic in the preparation stage. We can use this information to pinpoint which new promotional activities would be worthwhile.


We take care of the entire process for you and also help you agree on a completion period and the purchase of movable property, etc. You can always rely on optimal support from us when selling your property.

Buying a property

Would you like to buy a property in Amsterdam safely, responsibly and free of any hassle? You can expect the very best level of support and the expert guidance of our agents when buying a property through us. You are looking for a property and you may have a general idea of what you are looking for… but are your ideas realistic? You will need to complete a number of steps before gaining the keys to your new property. As an Amsterdam-based purchasing agent, we provide you with the guidance you need when buying a property in The Netherlands’ capital city.

A systematic approach

Our clients choose to place their business with us because of our clear and systematic approach, based on personal coaching and attention. We guide you through the buying process step-by-step, starting with the identification of your position, the type of property you are looking for and your financial options (and possibly also the terms of the mortgage you have obtained), ending with the transfer of ownership once you have paid for your chosen property.

What do we do for you as a property seeker? We:

– identify the type of property you are looking for

– sift through the properties for sale on a daily basis

– send you the details of our current properties via e-mail (via the automated NVM network)

– make appointments for you to view properties and accompany you to these viewings

– assess the property you want to buy. For example: is the asking price reasonable? How well maintained is the property? Does it meet your list of requirements?

– engage in professional negotiations with the seller (and his/her real estate firm), with the goal of achieving the best purchase price for you.


We take care of many things for you when you are buying a property and also help you agree on a completion period, purchase moveable property and choose a civil-law notary.


If necessary or desired, we arrange a structural survey in consultation with you. For example:

– a foundation inspection

– a soil contamination survey (for contamination caused by old oil tanks, etc.)

– an inspection to identify the presence of asbestos

– an inspection to gain an idea of the consequences of land-use plans