Eran Hausel

Director Eran Hausel is generally known as the hardest-working estate agent in Amsterdam and as a creative spirit he has a solution for everything. He learned the profession at his mother’s knee; she is an estate agent in Het Gooi.


Eran operates effortlessly in two worlds: the commercial and private sectors and he excels at landing commissions. His work experience at Peter Bruin and Jones Lang Lasalle has led Eran to being responsible at Heeren Makelaars for not only residential properties but also company properties and project development.


Headstrong: “Other people always say that you should never work with friends. However, for us, this was the best decision we have ever made. We reinforce each other and we do not need to hold long meetings, just a glance is enough communication for us.” Merits: “Pulling a deal in, taking the lead in negotiations and staying there.” What makes the difference: “Making a deal at midnight on a roof terrace because the client is concerned about noise nuisance.”


Mission: “Taking our office to the next level of business. We always want to get the very utmost out of the business. We learned our trade elsewhere and are now doing it better ourselves. Our motto is that it can always be better.” Habitat: Het Gooi, AFC footballers, young urban professionals and institutional parties. Sports: football, cross-fit, running and skiing.