Igor Veendrick

Estate agent Igor Veendrick is a real team player, being both loyal and sporting. After studying for a qualification in business administration in Groningen and training as an NVM estate agent, he then started right in at Heeren Makelaars. Even during his internship, he already fitted perfectly into the team: he has the right mind-set and acts quickly. Igor is a great fan of perseverance and keeping up momentum. Igor likes to push ahead and keep the momentum going. Hard work is rewarded, because in 2020 Igor joined the board of Heeren Makelaars.


Mind-set: “It is okay to be different as long as you have the same blood type. We work hard and enjoy the business. I love it when it is hectic and stressful, that keeps me on my toes.”


After work: “We also share a lot of interests and the same approach outside work: sports, having a few drinks together, it’s sociable.”