Michiel Floberg

Estate agent Michiel Floberg is loyal, reliable and wants to know everything. After two years of studying law, a bachelor’s degree in Media & Culture and a master’s degree in Media & Journalism, he is involved in the measurement and structural inspection of residences. This means that he has seen a great variety of properties. Thanks to his background Michiel has a great deal of expertise, know-how and a large network at his fingertips. In addition, Michiel can get on with everyone.


Learning experience: Michiel sees Heeren Makelaars as the Champions League in the world of estate agents. This expresses itself in professionalism, focus, energy, a variety of projects and the atmosphere. “It is the best place to learn the trade”. Hobbies: “My free time is devoted to family, friends, films, and good food. And, of course, I am an Ajax supporter and I am always up for a game of hockey or squash.” Unique: “I am committed and every day I bring my sense of humour and my unique way of looking at certain things to the office with me.”