Monique Lageweg

Thanks to her seniority and professionalism, Monique Lageweg is the sounding board for the management at Heeren Makelaars in Amsterdam. After studying economy in Amsterdam, Monique worked initially in the financial sector in a bank. The varied and independent profession of estate agent then exerted a greater appeal on her. Her extensive experience in estate management and with a housing association is very useful in her work as a valuer.


All round: “My work is to investigate everything in order to determine the value of a property. I make use of all my knowledge from my previous work: legal, commercial, structural and financial.”

Steady beacon: “I am a calm person and a bit older, with lots of work experience. I enjoy working with younger people tremendously.”

Success factor: “We are one of the most successful offices in Amsterdam. The prevailing atmosphere in the office is sociable and it doesn’t feel like work as I enjoy coming here so much.”